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Keeping me away from the sea is like keeping me away from you. Crazy, and unnatural.
So when Brae knew where the island you used to take me was, I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth.
He probably lied about that too, but I guess we’ll never know.


If I were to write a novel, this would be the first line of my works:
I’m not sure I ever really denied anything, you see, some memories are crystal clear, other’s are just a blur.


That is the date of my dads’ death. The roman numerals are going to be inked into the back of my neck permenantly, though me and my mom think I might have to wait until I’m sixteen, because professional Tattoo artists won’t do it until that age, even with a parent signature and everything.

Number 3 on my bucket list.

Ãi was on top of the mountain.
The flowers were all different colors, then they morphed into the shape of you.
We climbed a tree.
You were above me and the leaves kept pushing back and blocking you from my view.
I fell down and                 was there to hold me, and I was happy.
But it was nothing compared to being with you.
Then you came back, and we looked at the view from the mountain,
We looked down at all the valleys.
You standing behind me.
I said “Don’t ever leave me”
and you said “I never did”
I turned around to look at you.
And you were so beautiful.
You had the whitest wings I’d ever seen.
and your hair was light blonde
and your eyes were the brightest blue.

And then.. I woke up.

I’ve always been fascinated with this continent.

It’s got some of the biggest waves, 

but also I’ve heard the Outback is pretty amazing.

I’ve recently read the novel Stolen, and it pushed me overboard.

It describes the sunrises and sunsets as grey and purple,

where I live the colors are much less pretty.

When it rains, it awakens species and and forms life.

This is number one on my bucket list: Go to Aussie.

I have recently read Paolo Bacigalupi’s debut YA novel Ship Breaker, and it has got me intrigued by people who work as ship breakers.

It seems like an intresting- yet dangerous job.

I am falling.
I have never had a falling dream before.
Though I hear it’s pretty common.
It didn’t feel like I was falling.
And I wasn’t scared.
The sensation didn’t feel right.
There was no sensation.
The person I was with was scared.
Though heights were never her thing.
They were always mine.
We never hit the ground.
Suddenly we were back in the plane.
I was going to jump again.
And you were behind me.
I turned around and you gave me a kiss before I went.
Your goatee tickled me,  just like it used to.