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Monthly Archives: December 2010

This is my top ten most anticipated books for 2011
1. The Dark and Hollow Places – Carrie Ryan
Why?: Catcher and Elias! I also really love Carrie’s styler of writing, and The Dark City intrigues me.
My thoughts: I miss Travis! D;
2. Goliath – Scotty
Why?: It’s Scott Westerfeld! And I really love Alec and Deryn<3
My thoughts: He better find out she’s a girl!
3. Chain Reaction – Simone Elkeles
Why?: It’s the last of the Fuentes brothers! And Simone is one of thebest romance writers I’ve found to this day.
My thoughts: I think I might always like Alex the best, and I’ve heard this ones going to be a good boy? Fun!
4. Enclave – Ann Aguire
Why?: Duece has got a badass personality in the first chapter, and I’m super interesting in The Freaks!
My thoughts: The main guy sort of gave me a Dimitri vibe, hottie who fights like a Greek God? Bring it on!
5. Across the Universe
Why?: It’s on a spaceship! And it’s murder, mystery, love.
My thoughts: From what I thought she falls for who could possibly be the killer! Ohh lala
6. Wither
Why?: The genetics dystopian outlook sounds really cool!
My thoughts: The first chapter I read was pretty amazing, and I want to find out more about that boy.
7. Dust & Decay – Johnathan Mayberry
Why?: As I said before, Zombies are my choice nightmare. I also can’t wait for them to explore and oush boundaries.
My thoughts: I want to live where The Lost Girl lives!
8.  Delrium – Lauren Oliver
Why? Love: The deadliest of ll deadly things, it kills you both when you have it, and when you don’t.
My thoughts: Nuff’ said!
9. Crossed – Allie Condie
Why?: I love both her boys! And the rebellion, too, of course.
My thoughts: I really, really wanna know what happened to Ky
10.  Diveregent
Why?: Just because it’s been getting really good reveiws and stuff. And it said enough just to get me interested, yet not telling anything at all.
My thoughts: People are saying Uglies mixed with The Hunger Games! I’m in, as long as the ending doesn’t fall short.