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A family of three, a husband, wife, and son of about seventeen years of age.
They were fleeing some place.
They came to this woman who was supposed to help them.
Hide them from the Zombies so that they could move onto there next destination.
She directed them toward a steaming barrel of water.
To kill themselves.
If that did not fit there fancy, she showed them another barrel on the opposite side of the (bunkbed?)
It was filled with acid I believe.
The father went into the boiling water first, his wife was to follow after.
He started screaming once he threw himself into it.
And then even though it hurt, and it was killing him, he made his head go under.
The wife lost her nerve.
She ran away, then threw herself into the acid.
I heard it sizzle.
I was seeing this all from the sons point of veiw.
He did not want to die yet.
So he climbed up the wall and the bunk bed, had his feet on one and his hands on the other.
I woke myself up, pyshically pulled myself out of the dream
Right as the Unconsecrated were coming out of the opening towards us.
The woman wasn’t scared at all.
She had some type of force, that made the Mudo not want her.
but that ment, that they were all reaching for me.


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