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Monthly Archives: June 2010

This is another thing on my bucket list! #4 I suppose. And I am getting to do it for the first time this summer.

For a whole week I get to do it twice a day, I think? Hopefully I don’t get bored of it!


I’m in the middle of reading this novel, and it’s extremely interesting! I have to say I look more forward to reading Finn’s side of the story, Claudia’s seems a bit bland. Though it’s still good.

Finn obviously equals Giles. Which I found out on page 159 (even before she mentioned that’s how people speak at court)

It get’s the worst when I know that’s all I’m ever going to have.
A bit of pictures and a collection of memories.
Is that supposed to be enough?


You showed up at the door and told me you were still alive.

I asked “Why did it take you so long?”

You said “I had some things to take care of.”

I was stuttering “bu..but I saw you in the coffin.”

You said “They gave me some kind of andedote to make my heart rate real slow, almost nonexistant, and my skin feel real cold”

I woke up with wet eyes that day.

Alright, this is a poem type thing I wrote a while back, I actually just found it today, forgot all about it before. It is kind of repetitive, but it speaks to me, etc. Here goes nothing:

You taught me how to fish.

You taught me how to climb trees.

You taught me how to explore.

You taught me how to live care-free

You taught me how to laugh.

And you taught me how to cook.

You taught me how to have fun with a car going too fast.

And You taught me how to string a guitar.

You taught me how to sing.

How to dance, how to fight.
but the thing I had to learn myself, was how to miss you.

Dad 5-31-71 ~ 7-13-09

A family of three, a husband, wife, and son of about seventeen years of age.
They were fleeing some place.
They came to this woman who was supposed to help them.
Hide them from the Zombies so that they could move onto there next destination.
She directed them toward a steaming barrel of water.
To kill themselves.
If that did not fit there fancy, she showed them another barrel on the opposite side of the (bunkbed?)
It was filled with acid I believe.
The father went into the boiling water first, his wife was to follow after.
He started screaming once he threw himself into it.
And then even though it hurt, and it was killing him, he made his head go under.
The wife lost her nerve.
She ran away, then threw herself into the acid.
I heard it sizzle.
I was seeing this all from the sons point of veiw.
He did not want to die yet.
So he climbed up the wall and the bunk bed, had his feet on one and his hands on the other.
I woke myself up, pyshically pulled myself out of the dream
Right as the Unconsecrated were coming out of the opening towards us.
The woman wasn’t scared at all.
She had some type of force, that made the Mudo not want her.
but that ment, that they were all reaching for me.

Keeping me away from the sea is like keeping me away from you. Crazy, and unnatural.
So when Brae knew where the island you used to take me was, I thought I was the luckiest girl on earth.
He probably lied about that too, but I guess we’ll never know.

If I were to write a novel, this would be the first line of my works:
I’m not sure I ever really denied anything, you see, some memories are crystal clear, other’s are just a blur.


That is the date of my dads’ death. The roman numerals are going to be inked into the back of my neck permenantly, though me and my mom think I might have to wait until I’m sixteen, because professional Tattoo artists won’t do it until that age, even with a parent signature and everything.

Number 3 on my bucket list.

Ãi was on top of the mountain.
The flowers were all different colors, then they morphed into the shape of you.
We climbed a tree.
You were above me and the leaves kept pushing back and blocking you from my view.
I fell down and                 was there to hold me, and I was happy.
But it was nothing compared to being with you.
Then you came back, and we looked at the view from the mountain,
We looked down at all the valleys.
You standing behind me.
I said “Don’t ever leave me”
and you said “I never did”
I turned around to look at you.
And you were so beautiful.
You had the whitest wings I’d ever seen.
and your hair was light blonde
and your eyes were the brightest blue.

And then.. I woke up.