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There is a contest that Beth Revis is holding, and you can win a bunch of great stuff! And all you have to do is take a picture! Be creative(: I cannot wait til thee eleventh! I’ve been excited for this novel for a long long time and I have high hopes! Haha, I’ll stop exclaiming now. The link to enter yourself in the contest and for more details is here:

In other news I just got a book on Palmistry, it’s aussi interesting!

I also saw a girl the other day at my school with Stolen by Lucy Christopher, she was describing it to her friend and she did not do it justice. It did not make me a happy camper!

I’ve recently finnished:

(December & early January)

Last Sacrifice
Poison Study
Fire Study

Obviously Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma was the one that stuck out to me the most. It was breathtakingly amazing! I loved Lochie. Before I give anything away with how much I love it I’ll give you the synopsis:

How can something wrong feel so right? She is pretty and talentd -sweet sixteen and never been kissed. He is seventeen, gorgeous and on the brink of a bright future. And now they have fallen in love, but… They are brother and sister.
This stand alone novel takes you on a rollercoaster. It makes you want to cry, scream, love, and hope. Maya and Lochan are strung together because if their unstable mother who is hardly even at the house, the take care of Tiffin, Kit, and Willa their younger siblings. Maya and Lochie always know what the other is thinking and they’ve been best friends since childhood, and then they start to fall in love…

It can get graphic when it comes to romance, and this ain’t no fairytale, kid, they don’t get a happy ending.
Even with those two things -I think it might’ve made it better for me- I still gave it five stars.
This is a novel you need to experience by yourself, hold on tight for the ride.


Xoxo, Kalyn

This is my top ten most anticipated books for 2011
1. The Dark and Hollow Places – Carrie Ryan
Why?: Catcher and Elias! I also really love Carrie’s styler of writing, and The Dark City intrigues me.
My thoughts: I miss Travis! D;
2. Goliath – Scotty
Why?: It’s Scott Westerfeld! And I really love Alec and Deryn<3
My thoughts: He better find out she’s a girl!
3. Chain Reaction – Simone Elkeles
Why?: It’s the last of the Fuentes brothers! And Simone is one of thebest romance writers I’ve found to this day.
My thoughts: I think I might always like Alex the best, and I’ve heard this ones going to be a good boy? Fun!
4. Enclave – Ann Aguire
Why?: Duece has got a badass personality in the first chapter, and I’m super interesting in The Freaks!
My thoughts: The main guy sort of gave me a Dimitri vibe, hottie who fights like a Greek God? Bring it on!
5. Across the Universe
Why?: It’s on a spaceship! And it’s murder, mystery, love.
My thoughts: From what I thought she falls for who could possibly be the killer! Ohh lala
6. Wither
Why?: The genetics dystopian outlook sounds really cool!
My thoughts: The first chapter I read was pretty amazing, and I want to find out more about that boy.
7. Dust & Decay – Johnathan Mayberry
Why?: As I said before, Zombies are my choice nightmare. I also can’t wait for them to explore and oush boundaries.
My thoughts: I want to live where The Lost Girl lives!
8.  Delrium – Lauren Oliver
Why? Love: The deadliest of ll deadly things, it kills you both when you have it, and when you don’t.
My thoughts: Nuff’ said!
9. Crossed – Allie Condie
Why?: I love both her boys! And the rebellion, too, of course.
My thoughts: I really, really wanna know what happened to Ky
10.  Diveregent
Why?: Just because it’s been getting really good reveiws and stuff. And it said enough just to get me interested, yet not telling anything at all.
My thoughts: People are saying Uglies mixed with The Hunger Games! I’m in, as long as the ending doesn’t fall short.

Is the greatest man alive this month(:

My. Name. Was. In. A. Book!

Kalyn <– Spelled the same, and everything.

I could not believe it.

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned this before, but I am obsessed with Zombies. They are the only things I have nightmares about any more. My biggest fear, yada yada yada. And Scott made me IMMUNE! Hahahaha, big deal, I know.

I was the main girl character too! I was amazed, though far from speechless.

– Kalyn

My first ever concert! It was amazing

‘Nough said.

This is another thing on my bucket list! #4 I suppose. And I am getting to do it for the first time this summer.

For a whole week I get to do it twice a day, I think? Hopefully I don’t get bored of it!

I’m in the middle of reading this novel, and it’s extremely interesting! I have to say I look more forward to reading Finn’s side of the story, Claudia’s seems a bit bland. Though it’s still good.

Finn obviously equals Giles. Which I found out on page 159 (even before she mentioned that’s how people speak at court)

It get’s the worst when I know that’s all I’m ever going to have.
A bit of pictures and a collection of memories.
Is that supposed to be enough?


You showed up at the door and told me you were still alive.

I asked “Why did it take you so long?”

You said “I had some things to take care of.”

I was stuttering “bu..but I saw you in the coffin.”

You said “They gave me some kind of andedote to make my heart rate real slow, almost nonexistant, and my skin feel real cold”

I woke up with wet eyes that day.

Alright, this is a poem type thing I wrote a while back, I actually just found it today, forgot all about it before. It is kind of repetitive, but it speaks to me, etc. Here goes nothing:

You taught me how to fish.

You taught me how to climb trees.

You taught me how to explore.

You taught me how to live care-free

You taught me how to laugh.

And you taught me how to cook.

You taught me how to have fun with a car going too fast.

And You taught me how to string a guitar.

You taught me how to sing.

How to dance, how to fight.
but the thing I had to learn myself, was how to miss you.

Dad 5-31-71 ~ 7-13-09

A family of three, a husband, wife, and son of about seventeen years of age.
They were fleeing some place.
They came to this woman who was supposed to help them.
Hide them from the Zombies so that they could move onto there next destination.
She directed them toward a steaming barrel of water.
To kill themselves.
If that did not fit there fancy, she showed them another barrel on the opposite side of the (bunkbed?)
It was filled with acid I believe.
The father went into the boiling water first, his wife was to follow after.
He started screaming once he threw himself into it.
And then even though it hurt, and it was killing him, he made his head go under.
The wife lost her nerve.
She ran away, then threw herself into the acid.
I heard it sizzle.
I was seeing this all from the sons point of veiw.
He did not want to die yet.
So he climbed up the wall and the bunk bed, had his feet on one and his hands on the other.
I woke myself up, pyshically pulled myself out of the dream
Right as the Unconsecrated were coming out of the opening towards us.
The woman wasn’t scared at all.
She had some type of force, that made the Mudo not want her.
but that ment, that they were all reaching for me.